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Automation Cloud

Automation Job, Inputs & Outputs

Use this topic to get advice on how to run an Automation Job following the Learning to Run Scripts in the Automation Cloud | UBIO Robot School section material. Learn more about the Automation Job Idea | UBIO Robot School concept and ways to run your Scripts in the Automation Cloud.

Job is a high-level abstraction that allows you to think about your automation in terms of inputs, outputs, and state updates.

Job Prerequisites

1. Obtain credentials

To run an Automation Job remotely, you’ll need an Application . We issue a secret key when you create the Application. Feel free to regenerate the secret at any time. See this guide for step-by-step instructions.

2. Save your Script to a Service in the Automation Cloud

In the Cloud, we group various versions of the same Script under a Service . Each version is immutable. You can create a Service when you save the Script with the Autopilot.

A Service is ready to run Jobs when one of the versions is “active”. By “activating” one version, you deactivate the other. If there is no “active” version at the time, the Service can’t create Jobs yet.

3. Connect the Service and the Application

To make a Service available for your Application, the Application needs to be on the Service’s list of authorized apps. You can grant or revoke access at any time. The “active” version within a Service will expedite the Job. Use the Dashboard to manage App-Service connections.