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Bike Computers vs. Smartphones: What Do You Need?

New innovation has made monitoring your cycling information simpler than at any other time. Yet, is the best in class cycling PC that spouts out a gathering of numbers and unpredictable information important? Or then again will the cell phone in your jean pocket get the job done?

Utilize this manual for assist you with concluding which choice best suits your necessities.

What to Consider
Before you can decide if it’s ideal to utilize your cell phone as your essential cycling GPS gadget or use a devoted cycling PC, there are a few variables you’ll have to consider.

The expense of a cycling PC can go from $25 to two or three hundred. Then again, you will not bring about any new expense assuming you’ve effectively got a cell phone—except if, obviously, you’re adequately awful to crash. All things considered, you’ll wind up spending definitely more supplanting a cell phone than a fundamental cycling PC. On the off chance that you choose to utilize your cell phone in an assortment of climate conditions, you’ll likewise have to buy a case and mount.

The present wide-screened cell phones are a lot bigger than any standard cycling PC. This will play a component in how much room you’ll have on your handlebars—particularly on the off chance that you utilize a front lamp for driving. Also assuming you’re a weight weenie, all things considered, your telephone (in addition to a case) will offset a cycling PC.

Speedy Tip
With regards to following your rides, there’s nobody size fits all. In any case, there is a choice out there that will suit each sort of cyclist.
Battery Life
Is it safe to say that you are a century rider or a worker? Having your telephone on for five or more hours probably isn’t a choice except if you convey an extra battery. Notwithstanding, assuming your rides range in the neighborhood of 30 to 40 minutes, battery life will not be an issue. Remember, however, on the off chance that you anticipate riding a long way from home, you’ll need your telephone at full power if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis.

How Frequently You Ride
Assuming cycling is a couple of day seven days thing, it’s not fundamental for haul around greater gear. Be that as it may, assuming you’re preparing for a race and on the bicycle five or six days per week, a cycling PC will give you more valuable information to suit your necessities.

Things can get awful out and about. Wind, downpour, snow and outrageous temperatures are only a portion of the dangers your GPS gadget should endure. While a weatherproof case might be a possibility for your cell phone, remember it will expand the size of the gadget and make the capacity of the touchscreen more hard to utilize and to see in direct daylight. Then again, most cycling PCs are weatherproof with no guarantees.