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Saving a downloaded file in path (Local machine or server)

Hi all,

I am writing this topic for am unsure how to automate saving the downloaded document from a page to a specified path. Also, is there any possibility to automatically create path for more than one of downloaded files?

Thank you in advance for your effort for this matter.


I wanted just to ask if somebody can help me with my question?
If I am not able to do something like this with autopilot, I need to know so I can try something else.

Thank you kindly

Hello! At the moment, you can’t specify a path to download to. You might have noticed that downloaded files do have a path, usually /tmp/autopilot/uuid.
Can you share your use case for downloading a file to a specific path?

Hello again Mihai,

and thanks for your fast reply. This is the use case that I have.
I am trying to take the downloaded file from Downloads folder and replace it to the specific folder.
Is this possible or should I consider doing it some other way?

Thanks again

I have just checked.
On my local it is saved at path /tmp/autopilot/blobs
So can I somehow specify the other path of saving or is this the only one at the moment?